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If you have a single puppy to sell or a whole litter, you can easily create a profile on our website to sell them. We offer free membership with all profile benefits such as unlimited dog pictures, videos etc., for a limited time period. You can create individual profile page for each puppy and provide maximum details. We like you our passionate about dogs and want to find you find good homes for your puppies through our website.

Browse through our database of adorable puppies available in various breeds. Each puppy has an individual profile page which contains adequate information about it and a contact form to directly contact the puppy owner/breeder.  If you are looking for puppies in a specefic breed then select the breed from the puppy breed drop down list or simply browse through our database of puppies mentioned below. We hope you are able to find the idle pet for your family on our website

Have you ever felt life was incomplete because you do not have any pet at home? Well, this awful feeling of being pet-less ends now. With us here at Adopt Your Puppy, we guarantee you the happiest feeling that a pet can give. Adopt Your Puppy was created on the confidence that pets can give endless love for people. Each staff in Adopt Your Puppy has had some experience with pets in their personal lives and has been touched by the warmness of having a pet dog, cat, fish, bird, snake, and every other kind of lovable animal. We at Adopt Your Puppy feel that you too should have this kind of fulfilling experience that pets can give. Imagine a world without pets. Life would simply be bland and plain without dogs or cats to care for, pamper, have fun with, and grow with love and tenderness.


We provide quality assistance in your search for pets with our close-knit and well-rounded staff. Adopt Your Puppy just knows how it feels when you are greeted by a cutesy and cuddly tail-wagging puppy. We also know your need in keeping your home secure. Not only do we help you find excellent breed of pets, but we also want you to sleep soundly knowing that your beloved dog is there to watch your home. Moreover, Adopt Your Puppy also helps in reducing the number of homeless animals out there on the street by finding them suitable homes that would care for and pamper them.


Pets are definitely our main thing because we know what your and everybody else’s dog needs are. We love hearing your dog’s snore around the corner and the sorrow that every pet owner experiences when losing their dog or cat. This is also one of the reasons why Adopt Your Puppy has been created. We ensure the best value for your feelings by creating this online community where pet sellers and buyers alike transact with the fullest competence and honesty. Pets are not only the main trade for this online group. We also have other things that you might need ranging from quality pet supplies to effective guides in caring for your adorable mutt. Adopt Your Puppy only wants the best for you and your pet needs by opening information portals that support you throughout your ownership of your pet. Adopt Your Puppy simply wants you to be the best pet owner that you can be.


Adopt Your Puppy wants to give you the best opportunity to take a tour on our website. You can visit our member-only forums and chat menus and discover great things about pets. We also have testimonials and articles that you can use in searching for pet ownership tips. Here, you have all the options in finding a pet that you have always wanted through. And as a basic means to guarantee pet buyers safe transaction, we implement identification verification for every breeder and seller as a way of preventing pet scams that are widely spreading over the Internet. Adopt Your Puppy ensures our potential pet buyers every possible means of securing private information to avoid fraud and scam. Because of this, you can freely and soundly browse through our menu to find that perfect pet that needs your TLC.


Are You Ready to Get a Puppy?


Before you actually come up with the final decision of getting a puppy, Adopt Your Puppy encourages you to be sensitive on the matter about whether you are ready for a pet or not. This is because Adopt Your Puppy only wants to make sure that our puppies/dogs and their prospective owners will have the best harmonious relationship as much as possible.


Ask yourself if you can take good care of these pets once you decide to buy one. Adopt Your Puppy also ensures that potential buyers are given proper guidance about buying pet dogs. For instance, if you have precious collections at home but you find the need to have a dog, you might consider buying older breeds and not just puppies since puppies are mostly mischievous and may damage your collections.


Bringing Your Pet Home


Now, after making sure everything is set for your new pet, you have to make yourself ready for the big day—that is, bringing him in your humble home. Bringing home a new pet can be really exciting. Everything has to be perfect, and the very thing that you just need to do is pick up your pet from the shop. In this case, if you let Adopt Your Puppy take charge of your pet transport, we will be happy to provide you useful tips in helping you bring home your new dog or puppy safely. At Adopt Your Puppy, we will make sure to give you some of the following tips in transporting your pet:


  • Find a safe transport way for your pet to avoid him from experiencing upset stomach and weak bladder.

  • Wrap your puppy with a towel and put it in a small crate to provide it the most secure and cozy feeling.

  • But if you just cannot put your pet in a crate, make sure you wear something that can be easily washed.

  • It is also important to give your pet a quick check before taking him from the pet seller. Make sure that he is healthy and neat looking.

  • Lastly, do not forget to get a copy of your new pet’s vaccination record, pedigree information, health guarantee, and other pertinent documents before closing the deal.


The above-mentioned are just some important guides that Adopt Your Puppy will give you to prevent dispute after buying the pet.


Be Sure to Buy Fraud-free Pets


Since Adopt Your Puppy wants to make sure you get a fraud-free and scam-free transaction, we always see to it that we put substantial information including authentic pictures in our pet directory. The Internet is one of the venues for scammers to advertise pets that they have stolen from other owners. Thus, it is important to make sure you are transacting with a reliable online pet seller because we simply want you to have excellent and trouble-free pet ownership.

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