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If you have a single puppy to sell or a whole litter, you can easily create a profile on our website to sell them. We offer free membership with all profile benefits such as unlimited dog pictures, videos etc., for a limited time period. You can create individual profile page for each puppy and provide maximum details. We like you our passionate about dogs and want to find you find good homes for your puppies through our website.

Browse through our database of adorable puppies available in various breeds. Each puppy has an individual profile page which contains adequate information about it and a contact form to directly contact the puppy owner/breeder.  If you are looking for puppies in a specefic breed then select the breed from the puppy breed drop down list or simply browse through our database of puppies mentioned below. We hope you are able to find the idle pet for your family on our website

Code of Ethics


To ensure proper pet handling and safety of animals offered for adoption or for sale thru Adopt Your Puppy, all enlisted buyers and sellers on our directory are asked to agree and comply with the following standard Code of Ethics on animal treatment. Proven failure or violation of this code will result to the removal of the member from the directory list.


Acceptance to the Adopt Your Puppy Code of Ethics


The services available at Adopt Your Puppy would be made available for you provided that you accept and agree on the provisions stated herein.


  • I will ensure that the facility for all pets you offer for sale or for stud services would be clean, safe, and sanitary.


  • I will supply significant information regarding the physical traits and characteristics of the breed to qualified and interested parties.


  • I will breed for the sole purpose of enhancing the breed’s quality and will consider their pedigree, compatibility, and temperament when planning for the pets to mate.


  • I will provide a copy of health clearances to pet buyers and will inform them of any inherited health problems concerning my pet.


  • I will not misinform or give out misleading information regarding the breed, characteristics or performance of my pet to prospective buyers.


  • I will not breed pets if they are not yet physically or mentally mature for breeding.


  • I will comply with all the laws and regulations of state and local government regarding the handling and keeping of pets.


  • I will not release newly bred puppies until they are 7 weeks old or at least 8 weeks old if the puppy would be shipped.


  • I have the right to disapprove the sale of my pets to owners with unsanitary homes that are not conducive for animal dwelling.


  • I will not donate or sell pets to dealers, retailers, and wholesalers especially for commercial purposes such as pet shops or to any organization that intends to resell or give out pets as giveaway during auctions or charity events.


  • During the consummation of agreement, I will provide the buyer with the following data:


  • A registration certificate

  • A written pedigree of at least three-generation

  • A complete and comprehensive health record of the pet

  • Diet and care information

  • Schedules for licensed veterinary visits and checkups


  • I will not demean pet enthusiasts and handlers together with their pets or breeds.


  • I agree to be the source of information by my pet’s buyer for the general welfare of the breed or pet.




Adopt Your Puppy is just a venue for meeting interested pet sellers and buyers and is not responsible for the health and physical condition, temperament of the pet, and the integrity of the persons or organizations listed on the directory. Adopt Your Puppy does not screen the buyers and sellers. The guarantees and warranties are between the buyers and sellers where Adopt Your Puppy is no longer a part of.


To secure the interests of both buyers and sellers, have all the agreements and statements written in paper signed by both parties. Adopt Your Puppy will not be involved in resolving conflicts or disagreements between buyers and sellers and is only responsible for the provisions found on the Code of Ethics and Terms of Services.

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