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If you have a single puppy to sell or a whole litter, you can easily create a profile on our website to sell them. We offer free membership with all profile benefits such as unlimited dog pictures, videos etc., for a limited time period. You can create individual profile page for each puppy and provide maximum details. We like you our passionate about dogs and want to find you find good homes for your puppies through our website.

Browse through our database of adorable puppies available in various breeds. Each puppy has an individual profile page which contains adequate information about it and a contact form to directly contact the puppy owner/breeder.  If you are looking for puppies in a specefic breed then select the breed from the puppy breed drop down list or simply browse through our database of puppies mentioned below. We hope you are able to find the idle pet for your family on our website

Our Privacy Commitment


The moment you register to our website, you can be rest assured that all the information you share are safe, protected, and will never be abused or misused in any way that could violate your privacy and in ways other than those stated in this account.


What Kind of Information Do We Request from You?


Those who are interested to avail of the services provided by Adopt Your Puppy are required to completely fill out the following:


  • Registration Form. In order to access contact information of non-subscribing members and other services that are exclusively available for members, you need to provide some of the necessary information that could make access to services and other members an easier task. Interested users are requested to provide contact information, which includes name, address, email address, telephone numbers, and other pertinent information. Adopt Your Puppy assures the user that the contact information provided by interested users will not be shared without their knowledge. Their contact information will not be disclosed, sold, or rented to other interested parties.

  • Order Form. Should our users want to avail of the services offered in this site, they need to fill out our Order Form, which comes in two sections: the area where users would place their contact information and the other area for financial information. Financial information are used for billing purposes alone, while contact information are needed when the administrators are having difficulties in facilitating orders from clients or when problems are encountered during the delivery process.


How Do We Protect the Information You Share?


Adopt Your Puppy employs two levels of safety measures that ensure all the information you entrusted to this site will not be accessed by parties other than the administrators of this site or will be accessed without your consent. Our safety measures include the following:


  • Online Protection. Registration forms submitted to us here at Adopt Your Puppy especially order forms that contain sensitive information such as credit card numbers are protected with electronic safeguards to protect our users. We installed the best available encryption software in the industry to ensure that significant information will not be hacked or accessed by third parties. Our system is also periodically updated to maintain data accuracy and to ensure proper usage of information.

  • Offline Protection. Adopt Your Puppy not only protects the information provided by our members online but we at Adopt Your Puppy also employ managerial and physical strategies to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive information as well as other personal data provided by our members. The data we collected from our users are stored in our office with strict restrictions. Only job-specified employees are allowed to enter in our high-class information storage facility and they can only enter this area when necessary information relative to the delivery of better service is required.


If you have other queries regarding our information protection policy, please call us thru our hotline or thru our Help Center.


When Do We Disclose the Information You Share?


Adopt Your Puppy upholds its policy to protect the information provided by its clients unless provided otherwise by law. Our site will disclose our member’s information responsibly if mandated by law and if such disclosure is necessary and not in violation to any rights inherent to our members. Disclosure to member’s information would only be under the following premises:


  • Third party requests on Adopt Your Puppy with legal mandate

  • In accordance to site protection policies upheld by Adopt Your Puppy as indicated in the Terms of Agreement

  • When public or personal safety is at stake


The Type of Information We Send to Your Email


Adopt Your Puppy understands our users’ varied preferences so we only send updates and newsletters to clients who want to receive them through their email. Our site provides a registration form for those who want to be included in our mailing list. After registration, we will send your registered email a confirmation email to further protect your privacy and to ensure that you are personally interested to avail of such service. Furthermore, the service will not automatically generate unless you confirm the email we sent to you. For your added convenience, we also have an “Unsubscribe” option should you decide that you no longer want to receive newsletters from us.


About Links


There are related links available in our site, and if you decide to visit other websites outside Adopt Your Puppy, we would no longer be liable for the information you share in these sites as they have their own Private Policy that may be different from ours. For you safety and protection, always read the Privacy Policy of the sites you are visiting especially if you would be sharing sensitive and personal contact information.


What You Need to Do When You Want to Update Your Account?


If you want to update your personal identifiable information or if you want to deactivate your account with us, you just have to visit the “My Account” page or call us through our hotline or contact us through our email address so we can make the necessary adjustments or have your personal information removed from our data base.


Adopt Your Puppy Pet Abuse Policy


The fact that you have visited this site only means that you love pets the way we and all of our members do. But circumstances can sometimes compel you to let your pet go in favor of other more important reasons such as your family’s health, security reasons, or you need to transfer to an area where pets are not allowed. But whatever your reasons are, your primary concern is to ensure that even if you would no longer be able to attend to your beloved pet, an equally responsible and loving family or person would take care of your pet the way you would. We totally understand this concern since you only want nothing but the best for the pet that you have cared for like your own.


To set your mind at ease and also to ensure that the pets you entrusted to us would go to responsible owners, we do not release pets without conducting a rigid background check on our buyers. This is obtained by requesting our prospective pet owners to fill out forms that would reveal their history in terms of handling animals, the number of pets they are cuddling, the health status and mortality rate of the pets they have handled or are currently handling. We will also randomly check the condition of the pets you entrusted to us by getting in touch with their new owner every now and then.

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