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Browse through our database of adorable puppies available in various breeds. Each puppy has an individual profile page which contains adequate information about it and a contact form to directly contact the puppy owner/breeder.  If you are looking for puppies in a specefic breed then select the breed from the puppy breed drop down list or simply browse through our database of puppies mentioned below. We hope you are able to find the idle pet for your family on our website

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Adopt Your Puppy ensures safety among sellers and buyers against bogus, fraud, scam, and shady transactions. Hence, in order to safeguard consumer welfare, the company endorses the following guides in buying or selling pets and other related stuff:


Basic Questions to Ask Pet Sellers


When searching for new pets, there are always a lot of things to consider in arriving at the best choice. It can be a great idea to first make a list of questions that you can possibly ask the pet seller when buying a new dog or puppy. Whether you are on your first inquiry or at the brink of closing the transaction, it is important to heed on some significant matter such as the following:


  • It makes sense to ask whether the pet a certain seller is offering has undergone health exams and injection from a veterinarian. There are cases when the breeder manages the shots by himself, but this could be a problem since some immunizations may be futile and thus fail in protecting the pet’s health.

  • In addition, pet buyers also have to find out if the pet’s parents have been monitored for genetic disorders. Although this does not always mean that your pet will be saved from disorders, it can at least avoid the chances of contracting illnesses.

  • Discovering whether the breeder guarantees that the details he has provided are factual is also essential in getting a fraud-free transaction. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the details, then double-check and consider these doubts.


How to Make Sure If Seller Is Trustworthy and Competent


In addition, Adopt Your Puppy also provides pet buyers tips in making sure that the details the sellers give them are not bluff. It is best to have a forehand knowledge of the relevant and useful questions to ask to pet sellers to ensure trustworthiness in every transaction. If you are a pet buyer, you might want to ask the following:


  • The first thing to ask is how the breeder maintains and cares for his pet. If you hear no answer or just nonsense answers to this question, chances are, the seller may be a scammer.

  • Also, it is useful to ask pet breeders about the strong and weak aspects of their breed. Experienced dog breeders will give you in-depth answer to this question and will even help you understand about the particular breed you want to purchase. Pet mill owners and inexperienced pet sellers will give you lame answers to this since they do not usually have the right knowledge about specific breeds.

  • The puppy’s pedigrees are also crucial in getting the best breed for your pet. There are actually puppy sellers that offer contracts for either of the parents to be the biological father, but in case no pedigree is offered, then you should think twice.


These and other basic questions regarding prices, immunizations, vet reports, health, and temperament are what will guarantee you to be transacting with credible breeders. If you have done this with extreme keenness, then you can achieve a fulfilling pet ownership without any hassle or dispute to settle.

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